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Taking Care of our Skin

Skin is your body's largest organ it acts as a thermostat, it also offers us protection.

The condition of our skin gives an overall indication of our health, it can reveal our sleep pattern, stress levels, dietary intake and how well we are taking care of ourselves.

Our skin has the ability to renew, heal and cleanse itself, this is governed by how well we care for it and the kind of products we use on it and the foods we consume.

Nutrition plays a large part in maintaining our skin and ensuring that it is healthy and beautiful. A diet that contains lots of fresh fruit and vegetables that is high in fiber, low in saturated fat and low in added sugar and salt would benefit our overall health and our complexion.

As we age so does our skin, this can affect our skin type and the maintenance requirements in keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Factors which influence skin

Smoking - this can cause the skin to age prematurely as it may strip the skin of oxygen and slow down the rate at which cells regenerate. Skin can look gray with sagging and fine lines around the lips from the constant pursing to suck on the cigarette. Vitamin C may also be destroyed as the body uses this up to protect itself from the free radicals being inhaled into the system, and the potential poisonous effects of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood.

Exercise - a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy for our body, the skin is an organ and needs a constant supply of nutrients and oxygen. Exercise can increase circulation and blood flow to all parts of our body, most especially the skin as this helps us to cool down when we get to hot.

Water - although many of the foods we eat contain some water, our bodies are perspiring all the time and require fluids to maintain a healthy balance. Drinking water daily can help to keep your body healthy and skin clear, it can purify your body leaving skin fresher and firmer.

Environment - many people work or live in air-conditioned atmospheres, this can affect the skin and the moisture balance within the body. Work environments, which also contain free radicals, or pollutants such as chemicals and fumes could be very detrimental to the skin and may cause skin problems. Our skin is a big filtering system; pollutants may block the skin leaving it gray and dry with spotty breakouts. Daily Renewal Complex from Murad skin care products prevent environmental damage with protective anti-aging skin care complex.

Sun - a healthy tan for most is indicative of a great holiday, it also makes us feel good. Unfortunately the sun may burn, wrinkle and age the skin prematurely causing it to have a leathery texture and a worn look. Always guard against the burning rays of the sun, wear high factor sun tan lotion sunscreen and avoid sitting out at the hottest point of the day between 12:00 hours and 16:00 hours. MD Formulations has an SPF15 (also 30) which is a micronized zinc oxide sun block with sunscreen. Contains an antioxidant and has a matte finish. Most people sensitive to sunscreens can wear it. Skinceuticals excels in its sunscreen, with a finer zinc oxide than in any other sunscreen and effective coverage of the widest possible portion of the UVA-UVB spectrum. Available in SPF 20, 30, and waterproof 45.

Try a good quality self tan, Murad skin care products has a fast penetrating fast drying blend with a patented skin repair system with Co-3 which strengthens your skin's collagen. Apply self-tanning lotion and keep skin looking youthful and healthy.

Lack of sleep - when we are sleep deprived our body is not given the opportunity to regenerate and repair itself, this may have an affect on our skins appearance causing bags and lines under the eyes and a pale gray complexion. Melatonin from Murad Skin Care products will calm and reduce irritability while helping to minimize insomnia.

Diet - like our body as a whole, in order to function properly our skin needs the right balance of vitamins and minerals to keep it functioning. Striking a healthy balance with your diet doesn't have to be too scientific; awareness to the food we eat is beneficial to our overall health and well-being. Daily Renewal Complex from Murad Skin Care products prevent environmental damage with protective anti-aging skin care complex.

Skin Care Routine - the way we care for our skin on a day-to-day basis can influence the appearance and performance of our skin, a daily cleansing routine often maintains the skin and may help to prevent damage and premature ageing. Murad Skin Care products has a refreshing cleanser that cleans all traces of surface oil and makeup without drying, cucumber extract soothes as it refreshes.

Eating For Healthy Skin

Water - try to drink plenty of water daily, this does not include tea, coffee, juice etc.

Cellulose Carbohydrates - also known as fiber foods, these prevent toxic waste buildup in the digestive system which aids the excretion of waste matter. Whole grain foods such as bread, pasta, rice, oats and grains are good sources.

Vitamin E - this is an antioxidant vitamin that neutralizes free radicals, and aids with the regeneration and healing function of the skin. Found in food sources such as almonds, hazelnuts, olive oil, and avocado.

Vitamin C - needed for collagen production, collagen keeps skin firm and youthful. Also an antioxidant vitamin, this vitamin cannot be manufactured by the body. Found in foods such as kiwi fruit, strawberries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, cabbage, sweet potatoes and watercress.

Vitamin A - aids with the growth and repair of skin tissue, low levels of vitamin A can cause itching, dryness and loss of skin elasticity. Also an antioxidant vitamin. Sources include, peaches, apricots, spinach, carrots and broccoli.

Zinc - works with vitamin A in the production of collagen and elastin, these fibers gives skin its strength, elasticity and youthful firmness. Zinc is also an antioxidant. Sources include, oysters, endives, alfalfa sprouts, seaweed, brown rice, asparagus, mushrooms, turkey and radishes.

Fruit & Vegetables - essential to maintain the entire body, striking a balance should ensure that the body receives all the vitamins and minerals it requires to function properly.

Skincare Products

Topical Vitamin C

There are several brands which claim effectiveness in getting the vitamin C delivered to the dermis, where it needs to be present for and perhaps even stimulates the creation of collagen, which in turn plumps out the heavy wrinkles. Vitamin C also seems to smooth the skin texture and even out hyper pigmentation, when used consistently.

The premier brands are expensive. One ounce will last at least 3 months, applied once a day on clean, dry skin. For dry or sensitive skins, there is a cream form which has the same concentration of active ingredient but in a more moisturizing base. For around the eyes, there are less concentrated formulas. Topical C can be drying for some people, so be sure to moisturize over it. SkinCeuticals is the original in delivering the proper percentage of I-Ascorbic Acid to the skin in the proper pH.

Facial Skin Care Washes - also known as foaming facial wash, they are designed to be lathered up with water and applied to the neck and face to wash away makeup and grime from the skins surface. Murad Skin Care products has a refreshing cleanser that will clean all traces of surface oil and makeup without drying, cucumber extract soothes as it refreshes.

Creamy Cleansers - also known as cleansing milk or lotion, usually light and fluid in consistency they are applied to the entire face and neck and wiped away with cotton wool. Dampened cotton wool is best as it avoids dragging on the skin, a natural sponge or facial skin care sponge can also be used damp to remove the residue and grime. AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser from Murad Skin Care is a gentle but efficient cleanser. Toners & Astringents Usually applied after cleansing the skin, they refresh and cool the skin leaving it feeling tingly and fresh. They evaporate quickly from the surface of the skin; they can also remove excess oil from the skin. An astringent usually has a higher alcohol content and is only suitable for oily skin. Toners and Tonics tend to be gentler and are good for normal and combination skin types. Fresh cold water is a refreshing tonic to cleansed skin and leaves the skin glowing and refreshed. Clarifying Toner from Murad Skin Care products will remove impurities from oily skin and problem skin without irritation.


Your skin type determines which type of moisturizer is best suited to your skin; all skin types need a moisturizer to help keep it nourished and supple. Moisturizers form a barrier film on the surface that prevents too much moisture loss from the layers beneath; your moisturizer should leave your skin feeling softer and smoother. The drier your skin type then the thicker and richer the moisturizer you choose should be, oily skin types are better using a moisturizing lotion which is not quite as rich and does not leave the skin looking like an oil slick. With an increasing variety of creams and lotions available on the market it is hard to know which one to choose. Simply because the product is very expensive and filled with miracle working ingredients, does not necessarily mean that it will change your complexion and remove wrinkles overnight. Use a cream that feels comfortable on your skin, leaving it supple and soft. Products that do not contain perfume and colorants are good, although if your skin is sensitive these creams may still cause irritation. It may be possible for a specific blend to be made up to suit your skin type and taste. Skin perfecting lotion from Murad Skin Care products achieves uniform texture and tone, this ultra light oil free lotion hydrates without leaving an oily skin residue.

Eye Make-up Removers

Stubborn eye make-up can often be difficult to remove, use a gentle formula to remove any mascara or eyeliner remnants. Refreshing cleanser from Murad Skin Care products clean all traces of surface oil and makeup without drying skin, cucumber extract soothes as it refreshes.

Night Creams

Designed to give your skin an extra nourishing boost while you sleep, these creams tend to be thick and can help dry skin. A cream that contains vitamin A may be beneficial, most especially after exposure to the elements, as it will optimize rejuvenation. VIT A Plus Night Recovery from MD Formulations increases skin resiliency, it has a time-release formula that works all night.

Face Masks

These can be used for a variety of different skin types and come in different formulas, they can cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate the skin leaving it soft, supple and refreshed. It is best to use a mask when you have plenty of time and can be applied before getting into a nice hot bath, or when you want to pamper yourself. Treatments can be obtained at beauty clinics and can often include a facial skin care massage. The type of mask you use should be determined by your skin type so that your skin gains the maximum benefits. VIT A Plus firming treatment masque from MD Formulations with Alpha Retinyl Complex, BHA's and natural papaya extract increases skin hydration, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

Dry Skin - use a moisturizing mask to boost the moisture levels in your skin and help alleviate dry patches and flakiness. Particularly good after sunbathing or when your skin feels excessively tight and dry. Exfoliating masks and peel off masks can also be used on dry skin, use only once a week to prevent the skin from drying out too much and causing irritation. Hydrating Gel Mask from Murad Skin Care products boosts moisture to the maximum.

Oily Skin - clay and mud masks are very good for treating skin with excess oil and grease, the clay or mud absorbs excess grease and impurities leaving skin clear and refreshed. They can shrink open pores and get rid of shininess, they can also help to clear away blemishes and dead skin cells. Dead Sea Mineral Mud from Ahava or Advanced Mud Masque deeply cleanses and revitalizes your skin.

Normal skins - gel masks, exfoliating masks and peel off masks can be used on this skin type and can help to prevent skin from becoming dull. Advanced Mud Masque from Ahava with a high mineral concentration make this masque highly absorbent removing impurities and excess oils while infusing the skin with essential minerals to keep it moist and radiant.


Skin can become dull and gray as a result of dead skin cells on the skins surface layer, exfoliating removes these cells to reveal the plumper younger cells underneath giving the skin a youthful polished complexion. Exfoliating products like MD Formulations has pioneered research into the cosmetic benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Based on this research, a patented, revolutionary skin care system was developed. Glycolic Acid is thought to be the most effective and suitable fruit acid for cosmetic application. Since Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecular structure of all AHA's, it is believed to possess the greatest penetration potential. M.D. Formulations Glycolic Acid Products provide unparalleled results over a short period of time. Apply your chosen product to damp warm skin using gentle circular movements, do not over scrub or drag the skin. Wash the residue away with cool water, pat dry the skin gently. A moisturizer can be applied after the treatment to finish off; skin will feel refreshed and have a healthy glow.

Skin Types

Dry Skin - prone to flaky dry patches which can become itchy and red. Skin feels tight after cleansing and becomes chapped very easily; skin is often dehydrated and requires extra nourishment and protection. Using a good moisturizer, cleanser, night cream and regular exfoliating treatments alongside a well balanced diet and 2-3 quarts of water a day can help to maintain a healthy complexion. MD Formulations Face & Body Scrub smoothes softens and exfoliates.

Oily Skin - greasy and oily skin with a shiny residue on the surface of the skin, this skin type is prone to open pores and can be cause in texture. Acne and blackheads are common and striking a balance can be difficult. Acne treatment products on the market are often harsh on the skin and can strip away too much of the skins natural oil, this further encourages sebum or oil production on the skin and does not cure the problem. Face & Body Scrub from MD Formulations or Exfoliating acne treatment gel from Murad skin care products smoothes softens and exfoliates.

Normal Skin - this skin type is usually found on children, skin is soft, supple and fine grained with no blemishes or open pores. A cleansing, moisturizing, exfoliating routine will further enhance this much sought after skin type. Milder products can be used on this skin type; the skin does not require rich moisturizing treatments and creams. MD Formulations Face & Body Scrub smoothes softens and exfoliates.

Combination Skin - this type of skin is quite common, a dry check area and an oily skin zone across the forehead and down the nose to the chin indicates combination skin. Oily skin patches do not necessarily follow the T-Zone pattern, if you are unsure of where the dry and oily skin patches begin and end press a tissue across your face an hour after cleansing. Any greasy areas on the tissue will indicate oily skin areas, this will enable you to tailor your routine to your skins needs. A twin approach to skincare for this skin type will prove beneficial and ensure a healthy complexion. MD Formulations Face & Body Scrub smoothes softens and exfoliates.

Cleansing Routines

Combination Skin - cleansing the skin with a foaming face wash in the morning and a creamy cleanser in the evening will benefit both the dry skin and oily skin areas. Astringent toners can be harsh on the skin, using floral water such as rose or chamomile will help to refresh and tone the skin in both dry skin and oily skin areas. Use a rich moisturizer in the areas which are dry, with a lighter moisturizer if needed in the oily skin zone. Blot the face gently with a clean tissue, this will ensure that any excess oil is taken away. A peel off, gel mask or combination skin clay mask can be used weekly to unblock pores and deep cleanse the skin. Exfoliating a couple of times during the week will further promote a healthy clear complexion. Always dampen cotton wool balls or pads to prevent the skin from dragging underneath the pad as you cleanse. Once a regular routine has been established try incorporating some facial skin care massage techniques or pressure points, when used regularly these extra treats are very beneficial. MD Formulations Refreshing Cleanser or Murad Skin Care Refreshing Cleanser cleans all traces of surface oil and makeup without drying, cucumber extract soothes as it refreshes.

Dry Skin - use a rich creamy cleanser to clean away dirt and makeup residue, a creamy foaming cleanser can also be beneficial for dry skin. Ensure that only warm water is used with foaming cleansers, hot water can further dry the skin. Pat dry the skin with a soft towel, a floral water can be used in place of a toner or tonic. Moisturize dry skin with a rich easily absorbed cream, one which vitamin E like Advanced Moisturizer from Ahava can enrich and promote skin rejuvenation. Regular exfoliation treatments are a must for dry skin types, this will keep skin looking fresh. Treat your skin to a moisturizing mask to give it a boost, this can be done weekly and will nourish the skin. Facial skin care massage and pressure points can be incorporated into your daily routine, these techniques can aid stress relief and promote well being. Facial cleanser from MD Formulations or Moisture Rich Cleanser from Murad Skin Care products, cleanse without drying, this rich lotion removes make-up and cleanses without irritation.

Oily Skin - cleanse skin with a foaming face wash, or a non-oily cleansing milk. Massage over the skin in upward circular movement, do not over massage the skin as this will stimulate the skin to produce more oil. Rinse skin with warm water and pat dry gently. Apply a Hydrating Face Toner from Murad Skin Care products to the skin will leave it feeling fresh and tingly. Apply a light watery fluid moisturizer to help keep the moisture level in the top layers of skin, this should leave skin soft. Wait a few minutes to allow the moisturizer to soak in and then press a tissue over the face to absorb any excess oil and to prevent a shiny complexion. Murad also carries an Acne Spot Treatment to clear up blemishes and reduce redness. Mud and clay masks can be used weekly to help to keep pores unblocked, and to deep cleanse the skin. Exfoliation is also an important part of your skincare routine and can be performed a couple of times a week to help keep your complexion clear. Facial skin care massage and pressure points can be incorporated into your daily routine, these techniques can aid stress relief and promote well being. MD Formulations Facial Cleanser or Refreshing Cleanser from Murad Skin Care products super cleans all traces of surface oil and make-up without drying skin.

Normal Skin - To keep normal skin clear and fresh it is important to maintain a healthy balance; using harsh products can interfere with the natural balance so use gentle skin care product formulas for cleansing and moisturizing. Cleanse with a foaming face wash Refreshing Cleanser from Murad Skin Care products, lather and massage into the skin for about 30 seconds. Massaging the face in this way will increase the circulation of blood to the surface, leaving the complexion rosier and invigorated. Rinse with clean warm water; pat the face with a soft warm towel to dry. Cool and refresh the skin with a gentle floral water or toner, avoid using harsh astringents. Moisturize the skin with a gentle light moisture cream, use light gentle upward strokes using the fingertips. To maintain a healthy complexion exfoliate gently once a week using a cream or facial skin care buffer and cleanser, avoid the delicate eye area. A gel or peel off facemask can also be used to maintain a healthy and beautiful glow, these can be used weekly. Facial skin care massage and pressure points can be incorporated into your daily routine, these techniques can aid stress relief and promote well being.

Sensitive Skin - This skin type can be easily irritated by products or our environment, choose gentle products that are free from perfume and harsh additives. Cleanse the skin with a Purifying Face Scrub from Murad Skin Care products, a gentle milky cleanser; soaps and facial skin care washes can be harsh on the skin. Wipe away the cleanser gently with dampened cotton pads or balls, rinse any residue away with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel gently. Use a natural floral water such as chamomile or rose to freshen the skin after cleansing. Use a gentle moisturizing cream to nourish and sooth the skin, creams which contain vitamin E, chamomile essential oil or evening primrose can be beneficial. A gel facemask can be used to help refresh and sooth the skin, this can be done weekly or monthly depending on how your skin reacts. Facial skin care massage and pressure points can be incorporated into your daily routine, these techniques can aid stress relief and promote well being.

Skin Care Reminders

  • Choose products that make your skin feel comfortable.
  • Don't expect miracles, stick to a routine and enjoy maintaining your complexion.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy fresh foods.
  • Always apply a sun block, a suntan lotion may look healthy but it is the major cause of premature ageing.
  • Stop smoking, the harmful chemicals are starving your skin of oxygen and vital nutrients.
  • Treat yourself to a facial skin care program either at home or at a salon.
  • Always dampen cotton wool when removing cleansing creams and lotions.
  • Take care around the delicate eye area, especially when exfoliating.
  • Stick to a cleansing routine, morning and night to achieve best results.
  • Boost the circulation to the skin with exfoliation.

Body Care

Taking care of the skin on our body is just as important as our complexion, our skin can give away a multitude of sins. Bathing on a regular basis is paramount to maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of disease, not to mention the smell factor. Cleansing, moisturizing and maintaining our body will make it a nicer place to live in. Clarifying Body Spray from Murad Skin Care products is part of an anti-acne treatment system and is an excellent product for the body. Some areas may need more attention than others, consider the following:

Feet - they carry us around all day, we often squeeze them into ridiculous footwear and yet we expect them to perform even though they are probably the most neglected area of our body. Are they free from hard skin, are the nails trimmed and filed neatly? When was the last time they were treated to a dab of moisturizer? Foot Cream from Ahava softens heals and disinfects, it contains soothing Camphor to heal painful cracking and natural Tea Tree Oil which kills odor-causing bacteria.

Hands - used for a multitude of purposes, touch is an essential part of our everyday lives. Are they soft and supple, or do they look dried out and in need of moisturizing care? Are the nails filed and shaped neatly, or do you need to stop biting them? Would they benefit from being moisturized regularly with Advanced Hand Cream from Ahava throughout the day, maybe using gloves for the washing up would help?

Legs - often kept under wraps for most of the year, our legs need regular maintenance to keep them in top condition. Are you using a hair removal method which best suits you? Is the skin as smooth and silky as it could be? Are your legs given the exercise that they require? Do you have cellulite, thread veins or stretch marks? Body Lotion from Ahava makes your entire body luxuriously smooth.

Arms - often disregarded and forgotten when it comes to applying extra suntan lotion screen, our arms require some care to keep them looking soft, toned and supple. Are your elbows dry and itchy? Do the tops of your arms have gritty dry patches? Do you moisturize as often as you should? Try Body Lotion from Ahava with a high magnesium content that provides maximum softening and re-hydration.

Chest - whether you are modest or brazen about your chest, it is important to maintain the skin and include this area in your body skin care routine. Suntan lotion protection in this area is important, the breast is especially prone to burning. Is this area prone to breakouts? Are your breasts receiving the care they need? Try Body Lotion from Ahava with a high magnesium content that provides maximum softening and re-hydration.

Main Torso - as with the rest of the body, the main trunk of the body can become dull and dry if it is not maintained on a regular basis. Try Body Lotion from Ahava with a high magnesium content that provides maximum softening and re-hydration.

Buttocks - this area is our built in cushion, for many of us it is the area we sit on for most of the day. Prone to lack of tone and circulatory deficits, our buttocks can become dull and spotty if we don't maintain the area. Try Body Lotion from Ahava with a high magnesium content that provides maximum softening and re-hydration.

Back - the hardest place to reach, most especially when we have an itch. This area benefits immensely from a good scrub to get rid of dull dead skin cells, this may also help reduce spotty outbreaks. Try Body Lotion from Ahava with a high magnesium content that provides maximum softening and re-hydration.

Body Maintenance

There are a host of different products we can buy to help us to maintain our skin, and enjoy doing it. Use products that suit your skin type, they don't have to cost the earth. Keep it simple and give yourself a treat when time permits, a massage is a very beneficial treat and leaves body and mind feeling great. Cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate to keep skin looking fresh and supple. Try different exfoliating methods and tools, these come in al shapes and sizes. Loofahs, body brushes, sisal sponges, exfoliating gloves are just a few of the products available. Moisturize after every shower or bath with Body Lotion from Ahava, the skin is very absorbent when warm and damp so this is a good time to apply. Try using natural products, body oils with essential oils have therapeutic properties and may aid a multitude of imbalances. Treat yourself to a relaxing bath with your favorite bubble bath or bath salt, Stress Melt from Ahava has calming soothing lavender one of the best known and favored aromatherapy remedies

Shower Power

Exfoliating Body Wash from Ahava has concentrated minerals from the Dead Sea, which provide nourishment and moisture retention as it gently exfoliates. To aid circulation and invigorate the skin, switch the shower on cold before finishing. This will stimulate the circulation, most especially if you direct the water to cellulite prone areas. Take care not to stay in the cold for to long, just long enough to feel skin tingling!

Pat or Rub: If you rub the skin after bathing this will increase the circulation and make you feel invigorated, don't rub to hard as this will cause irritation. Patting the skin after bathing will leave you feeling more soothed and relaxed.

Applying Moisturizer: Use firm circular strokes when applying a moisturizer to the body, this will give you a massage and help to boost the circulation. Concentrate on areas of rough skin, add extra cream and leave it to soak in. If your feet are very dry and cracked, rub in a rich moisturizer and pull on a pair of socks. This is best done before bed as it gives the cream a chance to soak in over night, feet should feel soft and supple in the morning. Applying a moisturizer when the skin is warm and damp may be beneficial because it can be absorbed deeper into the top layers of the skin, and helps to seal in moisture.

Self Tanning

For a safe tan which is not going to damage and burn the skin try using a good quality self tan, SPF 15 self tanner from Murad Skin Care products have a fast penetrating fast drying blend with a patented skin repair system with Co-3 which strengthens skin's collagen. If you don't feel confident about doing it yourself have a treatment at a salon, they should offer advice on application and the right product for you to use at home. If you want to try applying a tan at home here are some tips:

  • Exfoliate skin with M.D. Formulations Glycolic Products before application of your tan, this will ensure a deeper more even tan.
  • If you are unsure about how dark you want to go, opt for a lighter shade. You can always apply a second layer later, please wait at least 24 hours before applying second layer.
  • Avoid applying tan to far into the hairline, most especially if hair is bleached or blonde.
  • For a more natural look, mix some self-tan with a little moisturizer and apply to the hairline and around the eyes. This can also be done for the top of the hands and feet.
  • Wipe away any lotion that gets onto the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and nails.
  • Wipe away any lotion in the creases of the wrist and elbow.
  • When applying to the legs avoid the knee area while applying, when the whole leg is covered in lotion smear lotion from the surrounding area onto knee.
  • Always apply plenty of lotion and avoid over rubbing the product, even if you apply to much lotion the skin will only absorb what it can.
  • Wear latex gloves to apply lotion, this will prevent orange palms.
  • If you choose to use a self tanning lotion with out sun block remember to wear a sun block as your skin still needs protection. MD Formulations has an SPF15 (also 30) which is a micronized zinc oxide sun block with sunscreen. Contains an antioxidant and has a matte finish. Most people sensitive to sunscreens can wear it. Skinceuticals excels in its sunscreen, with a finer zinc oxide than in any other sunscreen and effective coverage of the widest possible portion of the UVA-UVB spectrum. Available in SPF 20, 30, and waterproof 45.


Moisturize, exfoliate, massage and protect, these are the key ingredients to keeping your skin healthy and looking good. When you incorporate all the areas of the body into one skin care routine you will find it takes no time at all, particularly as it can be done in the bath or shower.


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